2016/17 IFAB Laws of the Game. Do you know what’s new?

The biggest revision of the Laws of the Game was recently undertaken by International Football Association Board (IFAB) for introduction into world football from 2016/17.

The IFAB is the universal decision-making body for the Laws of the Game of association football.

Its objectives are to safeguard, compile and amend the Laws as they apply within the scope of world football as organised by FIFA, which includes ensuring that the Laws are uniformly applied worldwide and monitored accordingly, and that organised football is practised consistently.

Some of the key revisions to the Laws include:

  • removal of the ‘triple punishment’ for denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity in the penalty area

  • allowing an injured player to receive treatment on the field of play if is the direct result of a yellow or red card challenge

  • restarting play from where the offence occurred if an offside player interferes with play (this can be inside their own half if that is where they play or touch the ball)

  • the goal keeper will be cautioned if he moves off the goal line prior to a penalty kick being taken if the kick is saved or missed

Download the PDF to read the full Laws of the Game and improve your knowledge!


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